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About Me


Holly Onak grew up with a passion for helping individuals create wealth and lifestyles through real estate investments.  Her mother was an independent mortgage broker so the family business was a natural path for Onak,  a California homeowner, brings strong industry knowledge, a financial intuitive nature and a pension for doing the right thing always to the real estate investment game and, as a triple threat, has successfully carved out a niche for herself.  While she has lived and worked in Santa Barbara for the past 12 years, Onak has brought a lifetime of experience and passion for creating generational wealth to Homebridge Financial Services.


Her sweet spot and where her proclivity for homeownership lies is guiding young couples through the transition of relocating to Santa Barbara or simply moving from a starter to a home that more closely suits their needs.  Her understanding of the market and her accuracy has been what sets her apart and allows her to deliver the best product for each individual.


Of her many philanthropic interests, Holly focuses her annual giving toward health, the environment, arts and culture, inclusive and humanitarian causes. Some of the organizations she supports are the Cancer Center of Santa Barbara, the Sansum Diabetes Research Institute, Habitat for Humanity, The Food Bank of Santa Barbara County, the Junior League of Santa Barbara, Domestic Violence Solutions, the Santa Barbara Zoo, and the Museum of Natural History. She focuses her philanthropic volunteering on humanitarian causes, and also works with diverse cultures, needs, and situations on a daily basis to increase the ongoing appeal in the Santa Barbara area.

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